When Should You See A Podiatrist?

If you have had foot, heel, or toe pain for some time but haven’t seen a doctor, you may wonder if you should call a podiatrist for an evaluation. Don’t hesitate! We are here to help! Most foot and ankle problems will only get worse if you ignore them. A podiatrist is a medical specialist who can help with problems of the feet or lower legs. Podiatrists treat injuries, deformities, skin problems, and complications from ongoing health issues like diabetes.

It’s Time to See Your Foot Doctor

First of all, if you have diabetes, it’s important to get professional help immediately if you notice any change in your feet or foot pain. Avoid home remedies or over-the-counter products, which may cause further harm. 

If You’re Experiencing Any of The Following Symptoms, Call Us

Ankle sprain: The ankle will be swollen and painful. First, try the R.I.C.E. method of resting, icing, using a compression bandage, and elevating the foot. If, after 2 days of rest, the ankle is still painful and difficult to walk, please call us. You may have a more serious injury requiring immobilization, crutches, physical therapy, and even surgery. 

Corns and calluses: These skin problems result from friction or pressure on the tops and sides of the toes or the sole. Keep the skin supple by moisturizing daily and gently rubbing the hard skin away with a pumice stone. Switching to well-fitting shoes with lots of toe room can help ease the pressure. See your podiatrist if these become painful and interfere with walking. 

Heel pain: Plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the ligament that runs along the sole of your feet, is the most common source of heel pain. Standing on your feet for long periods and wearing improper shoes for overpronation are common causes of this painful condition. For persistent heel pain, seek a podiatrist’s care. 

Ingrown toenail: This painful condition results when a corner of a toenail grows into the skin. You will feel pain, especially when wearing shoes, and may notice signs of infection. Try easing out the corner of the toenail with a small piece of cotton to let it grow properly. Please call if you notice swelling or discharge or if the pain persists. We can permanently remove part of the nail so the problem won’t happen again.

You can count on Batavia Foot Care Center to care for your feet using various. Our expert team, including board-certified podiatrists Dr. Dawn K. Dryden and Dr. Courtney M. Foote, serves patients of all ages in Batavia, New York, and is equipped to treat conditions like flatfeet, tendonitis, and heel spurs. We also offer custom orthotics for our patients. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment today. We are open Monday through Friday.