Take Care of Your Smelly Feet

In just one pair of feet, there are 250,000 sweat glands. It’s no wonder our feet can tend to smell so much! Sweat alone doesn’t have a foul odor. The dark, damp environment we keep our feet in with socks and shoes can trap odor-causing bacteria. These bacteria love to hang out and multiply on sweaty feet.

Hyperhidrosis or extra-sweaty feet is a condition some people have, and bacteria will thrive in this setting and cause odor. Let’s talk about how you can keep your feet odor and bacteria-free!

Eliminating Foot Odor

Reduce sweating to discourage bacteria with these easy steps:

  • Clean your feet daily with warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly – especially between the toes.
  • Dry your feet further by sprinkling on over-the-counter anti-fungal powder.
  • Wear clean socks every day and change them at midday if they get damp. Choose socks that wick away moisture, such as wool and special athletic knits.
  • Select shoes made of breathable materials like canvas, leather, or linen – not plastic.
  • Try to alternate shoes so they dry out between wearing.
  • Spray the shoes you are not wearing with a disinfectant spray to kill germs, then dry them in the sun.
  • Washable shoes, like sneakers, should be washed regularly and dried thoroughly.
  • Going barefoot helps air out your feet, but make sure they are protected from injury and outdoor bacteria with comfortable sandals.
  • Try soaking your feet in warm water with 2 bags of black tea or 3 tablespoons of baking soda.

If, after trying these methods, you still suffer from excessive foot odor, please call us for an appointment. We can help!

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