Beat Bunions for Good With 3D Lapiplasty

Bunions are common, but that doesn’t mean they’re no big deal.  Beyond aesthetic concerns, they can cause serious pain and discomfort, making it difficult to wear your favorite shoes.

Fortunately, Batavia Foot Care Center has some great treatment options available. The blog below will cover a few fast facts relating to bunions, then segue into a powerful new procedure for correcting them that’s making waves in the world of podiatry: Lapiplasty!  

What are Bunions and How Do They Form?

Lapiplasty: A Revolutionary Approach to Bunion Correction

When conservative methods haven’t provided relief, Lapiplasty can be a game-changer.

  • Lapiplasty is an innovative surgical method used to correct deformities of the big toe, particularly those relating to bunions.
  • Whereas traditional procedures focus on shaving the protruding bone or shifting it horizontally, Lapiplasty addresses the core problem by realigning the three-dimensional deformity of the toe.
  • This corrects misalignment not just at the bone level but also at the joint.

3D Beats 2D!

When compared with typical 2D procedures, Lapiplasty often comes out ahead. It features:

  • A reduced recurrence risk. By addressing the root cause of bunions, Lapiplasty offers a lasting solution, with a lower chance of the problem resurfacing after treatment.
  • A more natural correction. Compared to traditional methods, Lapiplasty restores the foot’s natural anatomy for improved function and appearance.

Is Lapiplasty Right for You?

If you’re struggling with bunions, get in touch with our expert team to schedule a consultation today. We’ll determine if 3D correction is the solution you’ve been seeking!

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